KandyPens Rubi vs Pax Era vs Juul

KandyPens Rubi vs Pax Era vs Juul

E-cigarettes are big business these full times, as well as the same is true of oil vaporizers. Both are popular for more or less the reasons that are same they have been easy to use, discreet, and extremely portable. So, then you’ll want to know what devices are the best in each category and how they compare to each other if you’re interested in any of them. That’s what this post is all about. We’ll have a better glance at three of the finest portable vapes available to you, the KandyPens Rubi, Pax Era, and Juul to ascertain what type could be the value that is best for the cash.

Substance Compatibility

The KandyPens Rubi (Review | Buy) has an open pod system, meaning that it offers a refillable pod that may be filled with a number of several types of e-liquid. That features regular e-liquids along with the stronger smoking salts. It may use oil extracts along with e-liquids. The Pax Era (View on Pax site) and Juul are closed pod systems, which means they normally use proprietary, disposable pods that simply cannot be refilled. The age is strictly an oil vaporizer whilst the Juul only utilizes smoking salts. The sheer versatility associated with Rubi when compared to other two items causes it to be the best choice in this category.

Simplicity of use

A few of these products are pretty simple to use, which can be among the good main reasons why they have been so attractive to many. Nonetheless, the period and Juul are a little simpler to use simply because they use disposable, pre-filled pods that easily slot within their batteries. You don’t need certainly to be worried about refilling the pods, you just throw them away when they’re empty. Continue reading KandyPens Rubi vs Pax Era vs Juul